2022 out, 2023 in

Wow, it has been a minute since I posted real words here.

As is my wont, I make some vague not-resolution to post more but then just end up spending however many hours trying to align a widget and futz the css inside an iframe. So, the idea that I woke up in 2023 as somehow new and improved is already out the window – but yeah, that was never really on the table I guess.

2022 was for me/us a lot. As I think it was for a lot of people. But for us, there was a lot of uncertainty around our living situation, and a lot of moving, and a lot of driving, and a lot of spending money on houses we didn’t actually buy. But fortunately, right near the end, there was a lot of spending money on a house we did buy!

Now that we are more settled, I do have some goals or intentions or what-the-heck-ever. Run more, drink more water, drink less other stuff, the uszh. Maybe I’ll write about them more soon, or maybe I’ll forget all about this blog and my vague not-resolution to actually say things here the second I go back to work and don’t have 10+ days of freedom to translate into one puny post.

I ran 4 miles today and I think I’m back on track or pretty close. But I CAREMAD cried in front of my boss this morning, so I’m ending the day with True Blood and a bloody mary and calling it a wash.