I think I’ve said this before, but I often write blog posts in head – in the shower, on runs, while commuting.  But they so rarely make it to the page, and I then I forget what brilliance I was going to share with you.

I am currently working on self-care.  More running, more yoga, more music, more routine.  I also need to work in better work focus, more blogging, more socializing.   But I’m getting there.

We’ve been sort of half thinking, half talking about getting a new car, but I think we’re leaning towards more serious exploration now.  Hopefully we’ll go this weekend and check out a few options.  It would be more exciting if it wasn’t such a pain in the ass. Someone make Amazon for car-buying (oh wait, I think I read about a guy who tried that in the hey-day of the bubble and got laughed off the internet).

Anyway, this is boring, but that’s life sometimes.  I’ll try to come back when I have something more interesting

P.S. wtf with new WP making my sideway smiles into emojis with no way to disable?!  ugh.

P.P.S technology is great, but there are some things I’m never going to be down with, and reformatting my smilies is one, and if you know me at all, webfonts are another (even though this theme uses them [cause I’m lazy], and there are more instances of good use of them lately; in general, I still say, ‘get off my lawn’).