I bought a new domain, but I probably won’t use it.  I honestly debated spending over $2,000 to re-purchase the first domain I had in 1999.  But I wouldn’t use it either, so I didn’t.  I tried installing some old school blog software but it sucked more than I remembered.

I don’t know how so much time has passed.  I don’t know how everything is so different and so the same.  I think not having kids fucks with your sense of time.  You lack those milestones which become metrics by which to judge the passing of time.

Nothing productive is going to come out of this post, I just wanted words on the screen.

Other things I’ve meant to blog about but never did:

  • Saw The Front Bottoms in concert again
  • Don’t know how I feel about running.  It’s hot and humid and being slow makes me sad.
  • Mom is coming to Austin in a few week and then we’re going to Chicago and I’m excited/nervous
  • You can never go back.  But going forward is not always an easy task.