So I skipped a few weeks of wrap-ups. It’s that time of year when life gets a little crazy. 2 weekends ago my husband and I had a great day out and about and then both I got sick (I mentioned it previously). Unfortunately it took both of us almost a full week to feel back to normal, so we had a week of very little formal exercise. We did get in some good walks as the week wore on. Then, all of a sudden it was Thanksgiving and we were having a friend over (we actually put it off until Saturday because we still weren’t eating much on Thursday).

After all that, I finally jumped back into official week three of p90x3 running hybrid. It was pretty straightforward. Total Synergistics, CVX, and running. I also got in tons of steps as I was at a conference all week. But I made up for all those steps with work sanctioned drinks at dinner. oops. I skipped The Challenge on Friday since I took the day off to celebrate my husband’s birthday.

Today is normally long run day, but the weather was cold and rainy and gross, so I did Plyometrics instead. I did the whole 58 minutes or whatever it is and I was pretty proud of how much I brought it.

Hopefully this week will be fully back on track. Tomorrow I shift into the a new subset of workouts for p90x3 and I’d love to get back to running our normal schedule.

We are also looking at heading to Florida for some family biz in January, and don’t tell my husband, but I’ve found 2 suitable and nearby half marathons happening, and I might try to drag him to one depending on our schedule! In which case, I really need to up my mileage in the coming weeks to prepare.

weeklywrap I’m linking and wrapping up with with Holly from HoHo Runs and Tricia from MissSippiPiddlin.