Our most recent Sunday evening routine is to sit down and have ‘evening coffee’ and while Mr. Z watches The Joel McHale Show, I futz around on my computer.

I’ve realized that one of my favorite things on the web are old school blogs and the “stuff I’m doing/buying/loving” posts. So, hey, I have an old-school-style blog (does it count that this blog is still, for all intents and purpose, a protracted carry-over of the one I started in 2000?) and I could write my own lists.

Maybe someone will read this, maybe not, but I’m going to enjoy writing it.

Stuff from Poshmark. I’m so very late to the game, but last week I bought a pair of Madewell jeans (inspired 100% by Adrien) and a gorgeous purse at completely reasonable prices.

Three Questions to Save You from Self-Punishment. I’m actually enjoying the whole blog/community they’re building.

Crash Course for the GMAT. Yeah, this is something on my mind that I’d like to happen before the end of the year.

A bunch of home improvement projects. I ordered a lift-top coffee table, and we have an appointment on Wednesday to finish speccing-out a fence for our front yard, to be followed by all new sod. What can I say, spring is in the air!