Having too many options makes me a little overwhelmed, so I wasn’t (am not) sure what to do about my 5-year-old macbook pro with a bulging battery. I go down the rabbit-hole of trying to find the “optimal” solution, and as with many things in life, there is no such things – just a series of trade-offs to be made.

In the end, I pulled my husband’s old, abandoned 2008 macbook pro out of the back room, dusted it off, plugged it in for a bit, and just decided to make due for now. If we calculate my hourly wage * time spent +/- number of curse words, buying a new one with same-day shipping would probably have been cheaper in some sense.

But in some ways, it’s nice to have a fresh start on a slower computer (tbf it’s impressive how well this 12-year old beast works).

Picking my battles. Using what I have. Letting go of perfection and the idea that new is always better. I’m sure there’s some life lessons in there somewhere, but don’t quote me on any of it.