Category: Asides

I ran 4 miles today and I think I’m back on track or pretty close. But I CAREMAD cried in front of my boss this morning, so I’m ending the day with True Blood and a bloody mary and calling it a wash.

listening to @taylorswift13 while drinking white wine and making dinner. really peaking out my suburban vibes this evening.

Day 3: Rough start this morning, but after work I got in my first treadmill run (2 miles) since we left Texas in November. Semi-homemade minestrone soup for dinner. #habitstothrive

πŸ“šDon’t mind me, I’m just over here ignoring all my adult obligations and staying up past my bedtime tearing through Echo. I want to slow down, but I can’t slow down.

I just deleted instagram (which is nbd) and tweetbot (😱) from my phone. let’s see if I can actually stay away.