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A Complicated Month, with Goals

It’s August. A complicated month that contains my birthday and the date of my mother’s death. But I feel different this year (though I probably said that all the other years, too).

I miss blogging. Not “writing” or tweeting or any of that stuff, but blogging about my days and my thoughts and my plans and the minutia of life.

I looked up the other day and realized we’re finally stabilizing again, after a long stint of being really displaced. We spent nearly a year not knowing where we were going to land, and then another 4 months scrambling when the place we intended to land didn’t work out. And maybe we still don’t know the long-long term plan, but we have a house, with new floors and painted walls, and that’s a relief for now.

After the floors, but before the painting (honestly, before much of the furniture) we turned the former sunroom of this house into a workout space and it’s been my balm through some of the rockier moments of the past few months. We got our treadmill set up and I re-discovered Peloton. I started off easy, but then I discovered Adrian Williams and his Thunder 45 classes. They remind me a lot of Dane’s Body Shop and my crazy co-workers at the time. Except this time, I am inexplicably more willing to do weighted squats and lunges. Sorry Jake.

So anyways, I think I’m going to attempt a “Year of 100 Bootcamps” and try to do a Thunder 45 class every week for a year. or at least average as much.

I’m not usually one to make goals or resolutions, because I don’t like to fail. But I’m trying to learn that failure is a part is growth, as long as I don’t give up.

A perfect day for enjoying our reading nook! (I’m reading _Chilling Effect_ which was described to me as “Firefly, but Mal is a woman and River is a bunch of cats” and it’s freaking delightful.

astonished: something I’m hoping to feel in next 24-72 hours.

ironically i’ve started this #mbnov post twice before but lost it due to my inability to concentrate. 😜

It’s been a dreary summer in my head, but I’m desperately hopeful that the next few months bring a better state of mind (and a better state of things). #mbnov