At home, I have, use, and love my Inkwell Press planner (currently using my 2017 coiled weekly) and it is gorgeous and a joy to use for all of the personal things I want to do and track throughout the week.   But I’ve never brought it to work, in part because it’s heavy and in part because work is messier than home and I didn’t want to clutter it up with a bunch of task that don’t hold the same emotional gravitas for me as remembering that I went to a lovely lunch with my husband or that I need to go shopping for my niece’s birthday.

I may yet buy a Daily planner from Inkwell Press, but since we’re on a spending freeze, I thought I’d try something I have been looking at for a while now – Bullet Journaling.  I’m only on my third week, but so far it has been a nice way to keep track of things. I’ve started each week with a slightly different layout, and one I thing I do love is that I can customize it each week based on how it worked for me the last. And if I run out of room or want to get some ideas out of my brain, I can just flip the page.

As much as I love online tools, (and trust me, I have plenty of todo and note apps on my phone and computer and ipad) nothing beats paper and pencil for me when it comes to actually removing items from my brain and helping me make forward progress.

How do you track your tasks at work?  Do you have more than one planner or notebook?  Or do you find that an online solution works best for you?