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Weekly WrapUp: Belated

Sometimes, Monday shows up way too fast. Ok, so that is mostly every week. but this week it was even more pronounced.

Hmm.. so last week, oh right. I said I wanted to keep up better with my running and my weight training and I think I did.

On Monday, I ran 1.5 miles of 4 scheduled miles. I had the same problem I did as the week before with my calves being super tight. The good news is that I am pretty sure I’ve figured out what was causing it. I recently bought the Lululemon Lost in Pace skirt and during runs the built in shorts ride up and tend to alter my stride. Which is a bummer. But at least I figured out the issue and can wear the skirt for my non-running exercises.

I also did Body Beast, Bulk: Shoulders and

Tuesday was Bulk Chest.

Wednesday I ran 5k, no calf issues or anything else – felt pretty good. Then I did Bulk Back, upped my weights a lot, and generally felt like a badass. I snapped this photo of my living room and captioned it on Twitter as: “I’m assuming this is what every works-from-home suburbanite living room room looks like at lunch time, right?”

Thursday was Crossfit where we did 10 min of ‘metabolic conditioning’ (I know that’s a loaded term in some circles, but it was basically a little different than a true HIIT session but did have some exercise cycling so it wasn’t all go. It was rough and I was spend at the end, but also proud and happy.

Friday I meant to run, but didn’t get up on time. Instead, I did 75 minutes of Slow Flow and Align Yoga with a new teacher. I wasn’t crazy about her or the session which is whatever. My favorite teacher is moving to her own studio which is sadly not located next door to my office, but I’m glad she’s growing and hopefully I’ll find a way to work in some regular visits to her new digs.

Saturday was rest day. Though I did go for a few long walks with my husband, which is always nice.

Sunday I managed a glorious 8 miles with zero stops. Because I’m not really training for anything, on long run day I usually allow myself to pause for taking pictures or walk up the hills. But it felt good to run the full distance and know I can still do it. Woo! I didn’t do any Body Beast workout, and I’m not sure how my Body Beast schedule will (or won’t) shake out this week.

Overall, it was a good week. I felt like I met my goals while not beating myself up for not hitting every workout I intended.

I’m loving crossfit and have considered adding in another, non-coworkered class on Monday or Tuesday. I always thought I would hate it; a case where it’s been nice to have been wrong.

Weekly Wrapup As usual, many thanks to Holly and Tricia for always hosting the Weekly Wrap linkup.

Weekly WrapUp: 5k plan

I managed to stick mostly to my running training plan this week. I originally picked the Advanced plan from Jenny’s plans, but then decided to go with the Intermediate and make the Advanced plan my aspirational goal for each run. Sadly, my Body Beast workouts sort of fell by the wayside.

The week got off to a bit of a rough start. Monday, 40 minutes was scheduled but I made it only 20 minutes. My calves tightened up and it was really difficult to keep going, even after stopping to stretch and slowing way down.

After that, things improved:

On Tuesday I made it through Bulk: Chest and called it a day.
Wednesday called for 45 min with pickups, which I managed to complete.
Thursday I went to Dane’s Body Shop for cross-fit. My company has recently started hosting a weekly workout session. It’s been quite challenging but I’ve enjoyed it.
I exceeded Friday’s run by about 5 minutes to make it an even 5k.
I rested on Saturday and Sunday I finished up the week with 5 miles (again, about 5 min over the called for time)

This week, although I’m late with the wrapup, I’m ahead on my workouts and hoping to keep up better with both the running and the weight training.

Weekly Wrapup Many thanks to Holly and Tricia for always hosting the Weekly Wrap linkup.

Weekly Wrap: Daylight Saving

I used to looooove love love Daylight Saving Time; before I was a runner of course. I’ve always been a summer, sunlight kind of girl, so it made sense to love the extra long days of summer.  When they first proposed extending DST to start in March and end in November, I thought I would love it even more.  Turns out, not so much.

Right as I was thinking I could probably start to work in a run before work in the not-dark, the time’s all shifted. At least it hasn’t been too warm in the mornings yet.  🙂

I haven’t been running that much anyways though, and I really want to change that.  I have been doing the Body Beast program since January and while I have enjoyed it, it’s been a LOT.  I’m surprised I’ve managed to stick with it and keep up with it to the extent that I have though, and I’m pretty proud about that.  But as we head into spring, I’m looking to get back to what makes me feel the best physically and mentally (not to mention I’d love to lose the few pounds that have crept on while I’ve focused so much on strength training).

I want to run fast* AND be strong!

Inspired by Dashing in Style‘s most recent post, I’m going to try out Coach Jenny’s Advanced 5K plan.  Even though I don’t race, I try to run a couple of race simulations for myself a few times a year.  And I think this plan will fit in well with my existing Body Beast plan and my work schedule.  I’m looking forward to running by HR, feel and time and not pace and distance.

Despite the fact that I really want my hour back today, I’m looking forward to the coming of spring.  I’m taking all the opportunites for fresh starts the universe will give me, and this seems like one ripe for the taking.

  • fast FOR ME.

Weekly Wrapup Many thanks to Holly and Tricia for always hosting the Weekly Wrap linkup.

It has been helping me think about my training as well as my blog and posting more than I would without it. Here’s to even more consistency going forward.

Back to my Happy Place (WW #3)

January got off to a crazy start, and before I knew it I blinked and here we are, midway through February. The weather has been uncooperative and there have been a few events that led me to not feel like going down to the trail to run. But this weekend, the stars finally aligned!


Okay, so obviously the weather wasn’t perfect – it was a little overcast and a lot humid, but there was a great breeze and I got in quite a few miles, and my soul felt like it finally took a giant exhale.

I’m still going strong 💪🏼 with Body Beast. I recently finished the Build Phase, and boy am I not sad to see it go. Those workouts just weren’t my favorite. But now I’m in Bulk Phase and the workouts are shorter and more focused and that makes me happy. It’s also a lot easier to do a 20 – 30 min workout at 6am (ok, really make that 6:20 most days) than it is a 40 – 50 min one.

We’re not going to talk about my weight, which has been … what’s the opposite of a free-fall, cause yea, that, for months now, but I’m gaining muscle for sure and feel stronger, so that’s all most of what counts!

Weekly Wrapup Many thanks to Holly and Tricia for always hosting the Weekly Wrap linkup.

I’ve been finding some great new reads! 🙂

Weekly Wrap (er 02 and 03)

So I skipped a few weeks of wrap-ups. It’s that time of year when life gets a little crazy. 2 weekends ago my husband and I had a great day out and about and then both I got sick (I mentioned it previously). Unfortunately it took both of us almost a full week to feel back to normal, so we had a week of very little formal exercise. We did get in some good walks as the week wore on. Then, all of a sudden it was Thanksgiving and we were having a friend over (we actually put it off until Saturday because we still weren’t eating much on Thursday).

After all that, I finally jumped back into official week three of p90x3 running hybrid. It was pretty straightforward. Total Synergistics, CVX, and running. I also got in tons of steps as I was at a conference all week. But I made up for all those steps with work sanctioned drinks at dinner. oops. I skipped The Challenge on Friday since I took the day off to celebrate my husband’s birthday.

Today is normally long run day, but the weather was cold and rainy and gross, so I did Plyometrics instead. I did the whole 58 minutes or whatever it is and I was pretty proud of how much I brought it.

Hopefully this week will be fully back on track. Tomorrow I shift into the a new subset of workouts for p90x3 and I’d love to get back to running our normal schedule.

We are also looking at heading to Florida for some family biz in January, and don’t tell my husband, but I’ve found 2 suitable and nearby half marathons happening, and I might try to drag him to one depending on our schedule! In which case, I really need to up my mileage in the coming weeks to prepare.

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Weekly Wrap 01

The week started off strong, going into my third partial and second official week of a hybrid p90x3 + running plan. With a spreadsheet and everything.

Monday, I did Total Synergystics – which is one of my favorites. It’s just a nice all around workout and a nice way to start a Monday.

Tuesday was a 3 mile run. I usually try to do intervals on Tuesdays, but I was just not feeling it at all. So I let myself run jog to Frightened Rabbits. It was before sunrise, and the supermoon was all bright, and at one point I let myself lay down on a patch of grass and cry about a lot of little things. (I’m so emo and overwraught it’s actually hilarious.) It ended up being a nice run I’ll remember for a while.

Wednesday it was CVX with an 8lb weight. It felt like 20+ by the time I was done, but I managed to power through the whole thing; ending sweaty and proud.

Thursday: 4 mile run. I typically run with my husband down a boring out and back route near our house. It’s my favorite run/day of the week because we run slow and chat.

Friday was The Challenge. I desperately need more back strength so I can do real pullups. For now, I’ll settle for killing the pushups and using my step stool to do all the pullups.

Saturday morning was absolutely fabulous. We slept late, then went to lunch, walked around the lake for 4 miles, had some ice cream, came home for a nap and then I was hit was an awful bout of food poisoning. Thus bringing my week in action to a screeching halt.

Sunday is usually long run day, but instead I laid on the couch whining that I was tired and everything on Netflix was stupid. My husband was a saint and took good care of me though. And now it appears to be my turn; just as I turned the corner this afternoon, he seems to have succumbed to the worst of it.

Here’s hoping to better tummies (and getting back on track) this week. I refuse to miss my favorite food holiday due to rude germs!

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