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Spent my last morning of staycation at my favorite place. We didn’t stay long due to the rain and the heat, but we stayed long enough to see a dolphin. Then we grabbed bbq the way home and now it’s time for a nap.

“if you need me, I will be dead.”

me, after discovering that Alan Davies of Taskmaster Season 12 is, in fact, Jonathan Creek and that is why he seems so familiar.

It was nice to have a few rain-free hours this morning and I was able to get in my miles outside.

this day has sucked. i asked my bartender (@ohsotwitty) to bring me a bottle of whiskey in between calls. i got this.

“My grief was rage.”

— best quote from the best sister on Ep2 of Worst Roommate Ever

i just watched Sense and Sensibility for the first time and I mean, really, sincerely, WATF is wrong with you people.

Lost track of days, so going hashtag only from here forward.  Hopefully I’ll feel less like all is lost when I miss a day.  Didn’t do anything besides some walking this weekend, but snuck in a 3.1 mile run in the neighborhood this morning. Most of my work team is at an off-site, so I’m hoping for a quiet week where I can catch up. 🤞 #habitstothrive

Day 17: Gordon by BNL is peak nostalgia. A lunch walk with husband. 10 min stretching thanks to the yoga mat that lives unfurled in my office. “afraid of change, afraid of staying the same.” #habitstothrive