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Behind before it starts

I started an 83 miles/Dec 22, 1000 miles/2023 challenge and I’m already behind a bit.

Sometimes I feel a little lonely and then realize it’s because I’m hermit and never open myself up.

We’ll see if I can get it together in 2023.

listening to @taylorswift13 while drinking white wine and making dinner. really peaking out my suburban vibes this evening.

A Complicated Month, with Goals

It’s August. A complicated month that contains my birthday and the date of my mother’s death. But I feel different this year (though I probably said that all the other years, too).

I miss blogging. Not “writing” or tweeting or any of that stuff, but blogging about my days and my thoughts and my plans and the minutia of life.

I looked up the other day and realized we’re finally stabilizing again, after a long stint of being really displaced. We spent nearly a year not knowing where we were going to land, and then another 4 months scrambling when the place we intended to land didn’t work out. And maybe we still don’t know the long-long term plan, but we have a house, with new floors and painted walls, and that’s a relief for now.

After the floors, but before the painting (honestly, before much of the furniture) we turned the former sunroom of this house into a workout space and it’s been my balm through some of the rockier moments of the past few months. We got our treadmill set up and I re-discovered Peloton. I started off easy, but then I discovered Adrian Williams and his Thunder 45 classes. They remind me a lot of Dane’s Body Shop and my crazy co-workers at the time. Except this time, I am inexplicably more willing to do weighted squats and lunges. Sorry Jake.

So anyways, I think I’m going to attempt a “Year of 100 Bootcamps” and try to do a Thunder 45 class every week for a year. or at least average as much.

I’m not usually one to make goals or resolutions, because I don’t like to fail. But I’m trying to learn that failure is a part is growth, as long as I don’t give up.

Spent my last morning of staycation at my favorite place. We didn’t stay long due to the rain and the heat, but we stayed long enough to see a dolphin. Then we grabbed bbq the way home and now it’s time for a nap.

“if you need me, I will be dead.”

me, after discovering that Alan Davies of Taskmaster Season 12 is, in fact, Jonathan Creek and that is why he seems so familiar.

It was nice to have a few rain-free hours this morning and I was able to get in my miles outside.

this day has sucked. i asked my bartender (@ohsotwitty) to bring me a bottle of whiskey in between calls. i got this.