Tag: habitstothrive

Lost track of days, so going hashtag only from here forward.  Hopefully I’ll feel less like all is lost when I miss a day.  Didn’t do anything besides some walking this weekend, but snuck in a 3.1 mile run in the neighborhood this morning. Most of my work team is at an off-site, so I’m hoping for a quiet week where I can catch up. 🤞 #habitstothrive

Day 17: Gordon by BNL is peak nostalgia. A lunch walk with husband. 10 min stretching thanks to the yoga mat that lives unfurled in my office. “afraid of change, afraid of staying the same.” #habitstothrive

Day 16: I can’t keep track of days. Sent a few scathing emails before 8am. Walked with husband at lunch. Booked a hopefully decent airbnb for this weekend’s Easter in-law thing. Let’s call today a wash. #habitstothrive

Day 13 – 15 (I think) Lazy-ish weekend. We declared a moratorium on house projects. Ate out too often, took too many naps, went for long walks. Back on track today – 35 min on the treadmill, restarting my weight loss efforts in earnest (again). Is there a word for nostalgia for something that never was? #habitstothrive

Day 12 – Took a much needed mental health day. Today’s workout was finishing the workout room, grabbing more items from storage, painting the bathroom, picking out a bright new shower curtain and finishing up 007. #habitstothrive

Day 11 – delivered my stressful work presentation. 30 min run with Matty. Fancy new TV delivered and set up and our little inherited imperfect house keeps feeling more and more like home. Ringing in a 3-day weekend with 007 in 4k tonight.

Day 10

Needed my ass kicked this morning, and the ass-kicking was delivered. Tortilla soup for dinner. Life is still a lot and I’m looking forward to a long weekend starting tomorrow at 2pm. #habitstothrive

Day 9

Only Tuesday, but life is a lot. Plumber came and restored cold water! I took a full on rest day. We watched some Happy Endings and my favorite cute little anime – Laid Back Camp. Had hot dogs on tortillas for dinner.

Day 7: 30 min run with Daniel McKenna, my new fave Peloton coach. Did some house chores – the workout room is almost ready. Picked up McD’s hot fudge sundaes for “lunch,” made pickle soup for dinner. Not ready for Monday but it’s coming! #habitstothrive