Somehow I can always sleep on the flight ‘to’ somewhere, but hardly ever on the flight back home. I meant to blog from Florida, but we see how well that went, heh. There is just too much other stuff to do, and I spent any time online trying to do some bits of work. Anyway, not sorry.

Florida was lovely. Mom and I went shopping – like shoes and clothes and housewares and ooh look at this stuff on clearance shopping. It was fantastic. And we also watched the Minions movie together. And we solved a bunch of sodukos together and we are out and ate in and visited my granny and ran out of time for all the stuff we wanted to do. But I’m scheduling my next trip already which makes it a tiny bit less painful to go.

And Melanie came! And we had fancy beach view brunch with mom and she got to meet more of my family and everyone just adores her which makes me so happy. After being BFF for such a long time, and not even meeting til like year 12, it’s been nice to see her twice in the past year.

I said on Instagram this morning “No matter which direction I’m going, I always hate to leave.” But that also means that no matter which direction I’m going, I love coming back.