Wow, five weeks of wrapups, at least I’m more consistent in my blogging than I am in my training! ;P

Last week started off great. Monday was my usual rest day, and I really wanted and enjoyed it after last Sunday’s bleh run.

But on Tuesday, the weather was fabulous and I started the day off 3.5 miles with my husband. I forgot my HRM (seems to happen a lot when I plan to head to work after – I think because there are so many other things I have to remember/get ready), so we just ran at an easy pace. Whether it’s 80/20 working or just the cooler weather, the run was a little faster paced than usual but felt effortless.

At Fusion class, we were finishing up a good workout with some box jump/pull ups/tire flip combos, and on one of the box jumps, I kinda, well, missed the box. I scraped my shins up pretty decently, and while I tried to finish out the workout (we only had about 8 min left), my shins were swelling up so I walked back to the office to ice them. It definitely smarted at the time, but I feel lucky that it didn’t hurt that much.

The whole incident was just one of those weird things where I was distracted by looking around and thought “what if I didn’t make a jump, that would suck” and then, in my weird brain state, jumped and didn’t make it. Totally mental and a good reminder to stay present.

My lovely coworker ended up driving me home and I spent rest of the evening on the couch doing the whole RICE thing, and definitely not mixing ibuprofen with wine. šŸ˜‰

I decided to rest on Wednesday, because my shins were still tender, and not because I was hungover.

I felt like I could have run on Thursday, but my husband gave me a little side eye and I had Fusion class in the afternoon, where there was different kinds of box-jumping on the board, and I’m happy to say that while I jumped again. I shall not be intimidated by inanimate objects nor my own dumb mind!

On Friday, I felt good and was actually excited to run again. Pace was good for the zones I ran, and I was pretty happy.

Usually my long run day is on Sunday, but my husband had been having some calf pain, so he had already declared himself out on Sunday. So we woke up and went for coffee and the weather was, once again, AMAZING – actually cooler than it has been in probably 8 months at least – so I decided to go for a long run by myself around our usual short run place, a neighborhood .5 mile park trail. After 16 trips around, I declared myself a winner and headed home, where my non-running husband had homemade vegetable beef stew waiting for me. I really am a winner!

So, that’s my wrap for the week. As usual, Iā€™m linking up with the Weekly Wrap, sponsored by Holly from HoHo Runs and Tricia from MissSippiPiddlin.